Marinovich LogoThis is a cutting edge athletic performance enhancement program created by Marv and Gary Marinovich over the past four decades in pursuit of athletic superiority. Integrated Athletics have evolved into a system that stands alone as a means for success for ages 9 to 77, both genders, and amateur toprofessional levels alike. Many sources of scientific study have been integrated including neurophysiologic tuning, brain-body coordination exercises, aquatic plyometrics, field training, isokenetic exercises, and biochemistry education.

This is an athletic enhancement program, not a regular class. The program includes a minimum number of combined workouts essential to the whole of the training. A consultation is followed by a fitness evaluation in order to discover strengths and weaknesses, or muscular imbalances. The subsequent training is based on these imbalances, where the athlete is periodically monitored to establish improvement in explosive strength, speed and quickness, balance and co-ordination, and rhythm and timing. Pre-registration consultation required.

Marinovich Training Systems is the unique product of five decades of diligent research and the continued pursuit of athletic excellence by renowned sports enhancement specialist and former NFL player and conditioning coach Marv Marinovich. Marv’s intense study of sports science in the United States and abroad as well as his experience as a consultant to professional and collegiate sports teams led to his lifelong passion for training athletes in all sports.

Since 2007, Marv has been joined in further development of his systems by his brother Gary, a gifted multi-sport athlete who was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and who later became head coach of the Bishop Amat High School football team, leading them to the California state championship. He was also head football coach at Crespi High School in Los Angeles and an assistant football coach at San Diego State University.

Marinovich Training Systems is a scientifically-based program that defines what constitutes excellence in athletic performance, remediates the athlete’s deficiencies and imbalances, and challenges the body to excel through a stimulating multi-modality approach.

The distinguishing characteristic of Marinovich Training Systems is the neuromuscular stimulation and intensification attained by utilizing a progressive multi-modality arsenal of protocols.

The primary training focus is to overcome the neurological system’s tendency to stagnate in its responses as we optimally challenge the athlete with a systematic and sequential program. The resultant superior nervous system functioning becomes the critical component which produces dramatic improvement in sports speed, power, quickness, grace, sports-specific skill and overall athleticism.

The goal of this cutting-edge training is to raise the athlete’s Physical IQ, or Performance Quotient, by developing sports-relevant strength and technical mastery through precision of movement, the intensification of key joint actions, and the refinement of the body’s kinesthetic sensory system. The training draws from a vast arsenal of proven methods to accurately challenge the athlete with unique exercises specifically chosen to enhance the essential elements for success in the athlete’s sport. All the exercises of Marinovich Training Systems have been personally devised and refined by Marv and Gary, and individual pieces of equipment have been designed and modified to precisely affect the desired area.